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Best for new ecommerce brands.
1-20 total store products.

* Available on shopify only
* 21 days free trial 


Best for growing brands.
20-50 total store products .

* Available on shopify only
* 21 days free trial 


Best for custom solutions.
Unlimited store products. Fast moving fashion.

* Any platform integration

* Available on shopify as an app for Standard and Premium
* Available on any platform for Custom, integration configuration required.
* Standard plan gets 3 FREE Basic Virtual Assets a month; Premium plan gets 5 FREE Basic Virtual Assets a month


Based on available mesh.
3D Virtual Asset.
Standard Texturing.

* .glb file will be provided


Based on available mesh.
3D Virtual Asset.
Advanced texturing.

* Post edit, more detail
* .glb file will be provided


Best for custom designs.
Photoreal Quality.
Output depending on client’s needs.

* Post 3D texturing edit
* Custom mesh creation
* .glb file will be provided

* 20% off for Premium members
* Standard and Premium users are entitled to unlimited FREE Basic Virtual Assets
* Free trial users and new users are entitled to 3 FREE Basic Virtual Assets

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Free trial users and new users are entitled to 3 free basic Virtual Assets.



To start using our 3D Virtual Fitting Room, all you have to do is to have a Shopify account and then subscribe to either the Standard or Premium plan. Subsequently, you’ll need to create 3D Virtual Assets so that your users can virtually try your products on.

Yes. If you intend to create 3D Virtual Assets for merchandising or Social Media Marketing content, you can create them without subscribing to a 3D Virtual Fitting Room plan.

Simply search TryitOn on Shopify and then install the App. The integration process is seamless and can be used immediately upon installation.

Yes you can still use our 3D Virtual Fitting Room, however, we will need to work closely with your team as part of the integration process to ensure quality functionality.

Yes, upon subscription of any paid plan, you will get a discount on all 3D Virtual Assets.

Standard subscription plan: 10% Off all 3D Virtual Assets
Premium subscription plan: 20% Off all 3D Virtual Assets

We have 3 Tiers for any 3D Virtual Asset. Basic, Advanced and Custom.

Basic – Almost instantaneous with use of our A.I. Reconstruction. This is mostly preferred for merchants who need to cater to fast moving fashion.
Advanced – Typically takes about a day with post edit touch ups to ensure you get the best value to quality output.
Custom – The best quality, photoreal imaging and reconstruction according to custom mesh. It takes about 3 days for a thorough edit on the output.

Basic and Advanced 3D Virtual Assets both follow the same mesh network in terms of availability. What this means is that your products are limited to the available mesh in out network.

However, where it differs is in terms of the quality. Basic 3D Virtual Assets utilize A.I. and post processing to ensure you get a decent quality output in 3D. Advanced utilizes post editing on the output to guarantee you get the best in terms of value and quality.

All 3D Virtual Assets in your Inventory can be downloaded in the native GLB format. These 3D Virtual Assets are yours to use however you want (merchandizing, social media marketing, content, etc)

No, there is no limit to the number of 3D Virtual Assets you can use. The sky is the limit in terms of customization and usage.

We highly recommend subscribing to the Premium plan as the Premium plan includes a wide array of extra functionalities. This include Augmented Reality, 3D Fitting Heatmap, 3D Facial Reconstruction for a personalized experience, and last but not least, access to our Premium Dashboard to better understand the data of your customers in terms of sizing and fitting.

The Standard plan only features the 3D Virtual Fitting Room which allows users real-time live fitting.

Yes, we have instances whereby the merchant wants us a custom model post in the 3D Virtual Fitting Room. All you have to do with to contact us and we will enquire further on your desired pose for the 3D Virtual Fitting Room.

Our team is always on the go to give you the best experience. It will take about a day for us to respond on your needs.

We’ve worked on countless occassions with fashion designers to turn their work in 3D fashion NFTs with animated effects. Simply reach out to us and we will be more than happy to work together on your idea.

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