Real Time Monitoring Dashboard

Saratix integrates all your business services into one Real Time Monitoring Dashboard to ease businesses decision making and to get important business updates. With our fully customizable dashboard, businesses can gain quick insights into current business performance, business intelligence and key insights by tracking your important KPIs for overall business analytics.

A.I. Process Risk Profiling & Assessment

Saratix will study and understand your business process to provide an extensive risk profile and assessment with your data. Saratix will create an A.I. model on predictive and prescriptive analytics on major process drivers for long term solutions.

Saratix identifies significant key gaps in your business and provide detailed improvements for seamless business operations.

Process Flow Transformation

Saratix understands that for any given business, there are many moving parts which will have different impacts on the business. With Saratix’s artificial intelligence, business will see an increase in efficiency and decrease overall business flow duration.

Saratix ensures a lean and efficient operation for any business.

Visual to Text - Structured Database

Saratix helps to reduce unnecessary man power in terms of data entry. Saratix has the capability to capture and extract key data requirements in visual content,  formatted into structured database. 

This enables for pre and post data processing for Saratix A.I modeling and analytics.

Facial Recognition

Saratix’s facial recognition software is able to detect faces in any given image and scenario. This includes face detection, attributes and also identification for digital security and also user profiling.


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