3D virtual fashion solutions

Try It On, Virtually.

TryitOn, the future of fashion. Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic Live 3D Fitting, 3D Mapping, Facial Reconstruction and Augmented Reality. All in One.

The Problem

We understand the problems plaguing the Fashion E-Commerce world. From high refunds due to unfitting sizes, to unutilized data, not knowing what your customers want. The Fashion world is evolving with the Metaverse and NFTs.

Our Solutions

Tryiton is an App that seamlessly integrates into any fashion e-commerce store. It uses artificial intelligence for high quality 3D Virtual Mapping that accurately measures and reconstructs a person in 3D with respect to live fitting of any product size, as you would in a physical fitting room. To enhance the overall experience, TryitOn incorporates 3D Augmented Reality for a truly new experience in fashion.

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